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Not Giving Up

Out of the blue
Celebrations long overdue
Get the champagne
Something's gone right just for a change
Maybe my fortunes have turned
Maybe my bad dreams have burned
And just when I think that it's going OK there's some bad news
One other setback comes hard on the heels of the last one, more blues

But I'm not giving up
I'll go down fighting
I'm not giving up
I'll keep on riding
I'm not giving up
I still believe I'll make it through the rain
No I'm not giving up
I won't be beaten
I'm not giving up
I will defeat them
I'm not giving up
I'll steam ahead till they take away my train

Luck runs low
But how much more can people say no
They can refuse
And they might win but I'm not gonna lose
I'll never give up my plans
I'll be a boomerang man
Throw me away and I'll keep coming back till I get what I need
Stay single minded and take all the flak and just hope that I succeed

No-one's nice
Everybody's full of advice
"Do it like this"
"Leave your life the way that it is"
They try to put up the screens
They try to hide all your dreams
And if you're not strong then you might find yourself starting to agree
Cos once in a while you get knocked out so hard that you have to ask "why me?"

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller