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White Collar Working Man

I started out with high ideals
An iron will and nerves of steel
Look out world I'm gonna gun you down
Now look at me I've joined the clan
I've now become a working man
And I've succumbed to everything I hoped I could stand
But now I'm a bland
White collar working man.
Well here's my phone and here's my desk
Here's the work and here's the stress
Here's the backlog getting out of hand
And here's the glamorous routine
Of coffee, work and nicotine
And here's my bed where I collapse cos I cannot stand
Being a bland
White collar working man

Well I hate Monday mornings
Tuesday's just as bad
Wednesday and Thursday
My job is up for grabs
Friday ain't much better
I'd rather stay in bed
There must be more to life than working for my daily bread

Well I'm not trying very hard
To get that golden credit card
Or get that little cottage by the sea
And just before I reach the top
It'll be my luck to get the chop
And then one day my heart will stop and
My headstone will stand
"Here lies a bland
White collar working man"

Those voices come with wit and charm
Out of my radio alarm
Far too cheerful for the time of day
My little clock shouts out a bleep
I stir my bones up from their sleep
And longing for my quilted heap
I stretch out my hand
I put on my bland
White collar working man (here we go!!!)

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller