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Maybe Is Just A Word

I know itís kinda funny but I just canít seem to throw it away
A battle by the second by the minute by the hour every day
It seemed a good idea when the rollercoaster started its ride
But now I want to stop it am I strong enough to jump off the side?

But maybe, maybe now Iíve been blessed
Iíll stop now before the self-destruct is pressed
Maybe now Iíve the strength
To climb back through the safety fence
Maybe now, no longer proud
And scared by what Iíve seen and heard
But then maybe is just a word

I know itís kinda funny all the games I played if only you knew
And nobody to blame it on well maybe not helped just by a few
But now the game is serious the opposition ravenous and raring to go
They could end the game right now or carry on forever and thereís no way to know

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2007 Den Miller