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Standing Or Falling

I thought the beat inside me by now would have disappeared
I never thought it strong enough to ever take me here
Itís like a vision from another plane
Fighting against everything thatís practical and sane
Like a wandering minstrel from a bygone time
Fighting through the hardship for harmony and rhyme

So here Iím standing or falling
Hereís how I answer the calling
And whether itís cool or appalling
Here Iím standing or falling
Hereís how I add to the story
Of thousands whoíve stood here before me
So listen to me or ignore me
Here Iím standing or falling

Donít give up your day job, their advice to me
But itís too late, thatís already history
Iíve got faith inside me, thatís my day job now
Now itís up to others just how much I am allowed
Donít care what the hours, donít care what the pay
If someoneís humming something then that would make my day

So the beat inside me will not go away
Itís taken me right to the edge of where I used to stay
Donít know if Iíll make it, it depends on how you see
Where you want to get to compared to now and here
Donít care if I donít make top hundred and one
Let the music play on, thereís room for everyone.

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2007 Den Miller