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Still A Beautiful World

I stand on the platform; get herded into the train
My boss is a moron; my life seems to have no aim
I look at the headlines; Iím filled with a powerless rage
I flinch at the deadlines; I feel like Iím in a cage
Through the window the trees and the birds and the river go by
I wish instead of this shamed rubber bread I could eat up the sky
And be satisfied

And you can scream at it all
Itís still a beautiful world when the sun shines
Got fools in charge of it all
Itís still a beautiful world in the moonlight
Thereís so much I want to forget
But itís still a beautiful world and though they do try
Theyíve not spoiled everything yet
Itís still a beautiful world

Some guy sends a memo; ten thousand peopleís lives are changed
And itís the same M.O. all over the corporate game
And Iím just a minnow; small fish inside a goldfish bowl
Who cares Iíve no ammo? Who cares Iíve got no control?
Then the sun in the dale puts the scale on the valley below
And the trees in the mist just insist that the further you go
The less that you know

It rains in my office; Itís raining on the Sunshine Coast
Itís raining all around the world except in the places that need it most
But weíve been blessed in abundance; We could fix it if we wanted to
But the fact we choose not to doesnít make the world less beautiful

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2007 Den Miller