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You Lift Me

Gotta hand it to you
It was all I could do
To keep my head high
To even survive
Then you wakened me
I was walking asleep
Toward kingdom come
To oblivion
And itís all and itís nothing for sure
I donít know any more
Where my boundaries are or yours

Cos you lift me
Yes you lift me from the darkness the endless monotony
From blind I can see
Iím drowning in lifeís complications but then can elation see
So obviously
From the deepest dark night of the soul somewhere you lift me

Gotta hand it to you
I was broken and blue
Didnít know where Iíd been
Didnít know what I believed in
Then one touch from you
I was mended and new
From without a prayer
To up in the air
And itís all coming straight from your shine
Yet within all the time
Canít say whether itís weíre or Iím

Gotta hand it to you
Donít know what it is you do
I just canít explain
What it is that I gain
Cos I am just me
But with you Iím maybe
Others beside
I feel multiplied
And itís all meaning I wondering
If I am who Iíve been
Or if Iím just a part of your dream

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2007 Den Miller