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I Wasn't Late For You

All my life Iíve been chasing my tail
All the time missing deadlines without fail
And there might be fishes in the sea
But everyone was hooked
It seemed too late for me
Every chance Iíd blown
I wish I had have known
I wasnít late for you

Tired of love, tired of losing, and resigned
To a life with nobody alongside
And you came with all your magic power
Made everything sublime
The clock went back an hour
The time that went before
Iím happy to ignore
I wasnít late for you

Oh my love Iíve been chasing my dream
And thatís not been as glamorous as it seems
And your nights must have been like watching drying paint
It would have fully tried the patience of a saint
You could have turned the page
But you never left the stage
I wasnít late for you.

All my life Iíve been chasing my tail
Going round with the progress of a snail
But I wonít dwell upon the list
Of things that Iíve not done
Of everything I missed
Theyíll just stay in the queue
Of things still left to do
I wasnít late for you
Iíll be late for my demise
But much to my surprise
I wasnít late for you.

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller