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Wasting My Time

Been walking round this city
Feeling out of place down there
Concrete mouths and glass eyes
An unconducted thoroughfare
Staring at a window
Thatís staring back at me
In the starkness of truth
Iím not liking what I see

Iím just wasting my time, wasting away
Pampered at night, spoonfed by day
So much to do but left up to me
Potential is high and nothingís achieved
Iím just wasting my life, wasting my days
A castle of sand blowing away
Easy to sit on the top of a slide and
Lay back in neutral all of the ride

Flicking through the channels
Nothing on as usual
A boring documentary
Not exactly knocked off my stool
I watch the news and weather
For the tenth time today
She says have a nice weekend
But I know thereís no way

Sitting on a barstool
The TV tells of desert drought
The satisfied goes drinking
The thirsty has to do without
Trapped in a western castle
Far from the battle front
Dealt only minor hassles
Is it really what I want?

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller