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Ticket Home

The train pulled in, in the pouring rain
But no matter what the view, it was a chance to start again
The omens looked bad, but my feelings were good
Cos Iíd worked so hard to get where I should
From one set of problems to another maybe so
But no-one can take this from me, Iím going to have a go, and

You can cancel my ticket home
Iíve seen so much, I canít let go
So if someone wants a free ride back there
Then take this now, cos I donít care, no

When I stepped in, to the train back there
I had baggage more than that suitcase on the chair
I was carrying the weight of the world upon my back
But Iíve thrown it away like the coke can on the track
Iíve started believing that Iím worth something again
And itís more than the price thatís on the ticket on this train, so
I maybe only a single
But I never want to return.
They apologise for another train delay

And I feel the same in a different kind of way

Iíve been held up in a sidings of my own
But Iíve left there now, yeah the broken rails are gone

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller