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All Is Never Done

Seems like our partyís over
Seems all the funís been had
And suddenly weíre sober
In separate taxi cabs
Forever is a long way
Seems we didnít last that long
But I promised you forever
So we couldnít be more wrong

Thereís always one more race to be run
Thereís always one more spin to be spun
Thereís always one more do to be done
Itís never over when two become one
Thereís always one more wring to be wrung
Thereís always one begin to begun
Because when all is said and done
All is never said
And all is never done

So who is gonna call first
And swallow all their pride
And who is gonna want more
Than ďat least they know I triedĒ
Forever is a long way
It means youíre in it past the end
And when youíre promising forever
Thatís hard to comprehend

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2003 Den Miller