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I'd Just Rather Be Me

It just seems a little confusing trying to work out where you fit in
People seem to say youíre no good if youíre not doing the same as them
They try to sell you a contradiction that makes you safely mainstream
But at the same time totally different, so you can get your 15 seconds of fame, and ...

Maybe someday it will happen - Iíll hide behind plaster and paint
But right now Iíve done with the wrapping; I wonít try to be what I ainít
And I hope I donít become the person people tell me that I should be
So what you get is what you see - Iíd just rather be me

I never was the best at anything and itís likely that I never will be
But I wonít give up doing anything just cos someone does it better than me
Never had the crowds buzzing round me - that would mean working too hard
But I donít mind that nobody found me cos mostly itís just a charade, but ...

I donít need a tick on my t-shirt; I donít need three stripes on my shoes
I donít need a name on my trousers; Who I am is not what I consume
I just canít think like marketing muppets, wondering what youíll pay for a brand
As they sit there working out what it stands for
As if some dumb company can, but ...

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller