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Your House

I went to your house, you would not be there
So like a thief I could rummage through your things without a care
To your secret hideout, where a normal child’s game
Of hide and seek turned life or death and brought you fame
Oh yeah

Just a little girl when she was found
Just a little girl who wrote it down
Just a little girl in Amsterdam
Just a little girl, just a little girl

I went to your house, you would not be there
Surely you would have moved on by now to play elsewhere
It had been a long time, it had been a long haul
And it was only a story after all
Oh yeah

I went to your house, but you were still there
So like a thief I had to explain myself under your glare
You were under my skin, I was feeling your pain
I was there with you in World War 2 crammed on that train
Oh yeah

And had you but lived a month longer to see
The liberation you deserved, would anyone know your piece of history?
Would anyone remember in this city of dope and ladies of the night?
Would anyone be queuing all the way down the street to see this humble sight?
Would anyone remember the injustice and inhumanity you braved?
Would they be coming from all over the world if you’d come through this unscathed?
I went to your house, just one house of many, just one death of many
Just wondering if any like you would be saved if the tanks rolled in today

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller