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What's It Take To Make You Smile Again?

Some say the glass is half empty, and some say the glass is half full
But you say itís made out of plastic, and others got more than you
Well, it may be true the design isnít new and it might have a crack down one side
But at least your glass still holds water, and much more besides

If you count your blessings itís not so depressing
Youíll find youíll be counting all day See the Pied Piper lead all of your demons away
But even their banishment feels like a punishment
Whatís it take to make you smile again?
Whatís it take to make you smile again?

Some people curse the darkness, while others will light up a flame
But you seem to curse every candle as well as complain
And donít even start on the weather, cos I know just what youíre going to say
Itís either too hot or too cold or thereís too much or not enough rain

Everyone stands at lifeís entrance, rolls a few dice before the game
If you get three sixes youíre loaded with riches or fame
Well, you got a six and a six and a three, and still you decide to complain
Well go back and roll them again if you like, see if you get that lucky again

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller