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Oh, For A Dream

Oh, for a dream, for a vision
Oh, for a scheme, for a mission
Then Id start up every day, a path of fire to light my way
Id know exactly what to do, Id know exactly what to say
Oh, for a dream, for a vision

Do you ever think of the start?
What made a man build a great ark?
Or walk on the seabed willing it dry?
Or just for a carpenter willing to die?
For all of the pain and the ridicule
Useful is a nightly talk from the Almighty
They didnt need faith - they knew

A powerful thing is belief
Gives dubious dreams a chance to succeed
A man with his destiny known
He draws and he leads all the lost and alone
The crowds are expectant to hear his goals
He can make from us suicide bombers
Or beautiful helpful souls

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller