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One Day The First Shall Be Last

There once was a poor man, unclothed and unfed
He didn’t have much, but what he did have he shared
“When it comes to the judgement” he said “I’m not scared
It’s good news for me, my lads, here’s what I read”

One day the first shall be last
And the rich get to pay for the sins of the past
They won’t get through the eye of that needle so fast
One day the first shall be last

Well the poor man he died and without further ado
He was straight up outside heaven to join in the queue
Beyond the gates was a beautiful view
“Hallelujah!” he cried “now I know that it’s true, that...”

He was still with the entrance half a mile away
With the queue like Alton Towers on a fine summer’s day
When a noise from behind meant he had to give way
And a Rolls Royce swept past causing quite a mêlée
The rich man at the wheel, he couldn’t hide his delight
But all the angels got the gates and the car rolled inside
And a party began and it lasted 3 nights!
“Wait a minute!” said the poor man “have I got this right? I thought....”

“Excuse me St Peter, I don’t mean to be rude”
Said the poor man, days later at the front of the queue
“But what was with all the music and the banquet of food?"
"I thought things were different if you were a rich dude”
“Cos it looked like his life, unlike mine, has been great"
"The kind of a lifestyle it says that you hate”
“But you let his Roller straight in through the gate!"
I wondered if maybe I was in the wrong place, I thought...”

“Well”, said St Peter, “just to calm all your fears"
"People like you are what we normally get here”
“But he’s the first one who’s snuck through in 500 years!"
"So naturally, we cracked open some beers!”

So come all you rich folk, if you want to be sure
Sell your possessions and give to the poor
You can’t take it with you and still fit through the door
Well, at a billion to one, I’d say the odds are quite poor

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller