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I Feel Alive

What can you do when thereís only grey sky?
Itís been raining for weeks but inside youíve run dry
Been cursed with fatigue when you need to be strong
When you canít change the big things and the little things go wrong
Choose your own distraction from the run-of-the-mill
Slip into some other world and for a moment time stands still
Iíll choose to escape to try to find some new quotes
And try to find something new from these same dozen notes, and...

Iím alive, musicís playing through my brain tonight, and I feel alive
Iím alive, musicís spraying through my veins tonight, and I feel alive

I canít force myself to be suddenly inspired
No ink on this paper, Iím down and Iím tired
Starved of ideas, just feeding off the crumbs
Think itís deserted me forever, but then suddenly it comes and...

What is a singer without any song?
When the well dries up empty, the caravan moves on
When the one thing youíre good at is fading away
Can you have something to sing without something to say? But...

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2009 Den Miller