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Things Can Always Get Worse

Finally itís you alone in the voting booth
The pencil hovers ready to make the cross
The politics thereís been of late
Well, none of it has been that great
But youíve decided to let a new bunch call the shots
Surely theirs canít be any worse than this lotís

Who says that lightning canít strike where it struck before?
And who says that when youíre down
You canít fall off the floor?
So smile when thereís tales of woe
Smile when the fuses blow
Smile, even though you want to curse
Cos you be certain of this my friend
Things can always get worse

Be careful who you tell how much you hate your job
Cos losing it would make things pretty bleak
And donít say itís an all-time low
Or that songíll come on the radio
And though you really hate that band of freaks
You know that youíll be humming it for weeks
So... (chorus)

So carefully phrase anything you wish for
Donít say ďstone meĒ or ďgive me a breakĒ
Because the great omnipotent
Might get confused with what you meant
And think you want a bigger bellyache
Remember Murphyís Law is hard to break (chorus)

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2015 Den Miller