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Happy Stranger

It was not every day I came down this way
But lately it seems Im surrounded
I knew it was wrong and I never stayed long
Besides which hed never allow it
But now hes gone away and I cant help but stray
To this place with its outlook so clouded
Cant find my way back, thats what he was good at
But hes not here to lead me around it
Yes hes gone, hes gone
And I dont know when I will see him again, hes gone

And I cant see the wood for the trees
I cant see the flowers for the weeds
Oh happy stranger thats me
Where are you now?

Oh well hed say that things
Were the best that theyd been
What with all of the things Ive been gifted
But since hes gone away
If I lived the best day of my life
It wouldnt leave my mood lifted
Hed have the answering line to my every whine
Hed see magnificence in all this desolation
And Id laugh once again, even though nothing changed
Oh but Ive not seen him in ages
Yes hes gone, hes gone
Hes deserted his post when I need him the most, hes gone
(Chorus and repeat)

Words and music by Den Miller
Copyright (C) 2015 Den Miller