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Artwork for Right, Where Was I? (C) 2003 Frances Miller

Den Miller is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist based in Keighley. Formerly singer-guitarist with folk-rock band The Spooks, he is now an entertaining solo performer and accomplished songwriter... [read more]

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Den Miller

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, harmonica player, busker, organist, harmony singer, session musician, general all-round musical joiner-inner, and entertaining solo performer.

A splendid evening, rated one of the best for a year at this very discerning club. Den's songs and his style - from wildly comic to deeply poignant - make listening a pleasure, and an experience not to be missed.
Horsham Folk Club

This is an extremely well-written song....particularly good lyrics....I think that's really good!
Alan Raw, BBC Radio Leeds

Over two highly enjoyable sets, he performed every song from the album, effortlessly shifting from electric guitar, to keyboards, to acoustic guitar... Clearly warming to the positive reception, Den performed with authority and aplomb.
Nigel Schofield, Tykes News Magazine

Folk Roots Acoustic Chapel Allerton (FRACA)

Denís songs are masterly: remarkably strong creations with an acutely developed pop/indie sensibility; well-crafted, first-time-accessible, often earworm-catchy, brilliantly arranged, and (in spite of all the odds) sporting a generally positive and forward-looking outlook (and a keen sense of humour) even when they deal with or discuss weighty matters. .
Dave Kidman, Fatea Magazine

Have you heard Den Miller's new CD BE WHERE YOU ARE? OMG, he is writing some amazing songs and performing better than ever. We saw him on Thursday night and he has really come into his own as a solo performer. We listened to the new CD all the way back to London on Friday and I am blown away with the things he is writing about and how he is using his lyrics. Definitely a must see, must buy for anyone interested in great songs. A wonderful artist, don't miss this!
Cathryn Craig and Strawbs' Brian Willoughby on "Be Where You Are"

I was impressed how [Den] busked for hours in the wind and rain with a smile on [his] face, and many people came in the shop and commented how nice it was to hear live music outside.
Graham Benn, DIY Solutions, Keighley

What a great song. I hope you don't mind if I liken you to the better cerebral artists of the 80s - Bill Nelson, Split Enz, XTC etc. A beautifully crafted song which starts delicately and when you hear the guitar you know that this is someone who works hard to get things just right. Great, intelligent lyrics. I like this. I like this a lot. Going to be singing it to myself all day tomorrow.
Scubadog - Yorkshire Music Collective

Latest Album!
  • Great reviews of new album, A Headful of Fancies ... [read more]
  • YouTube Highlights!

    Take This Job And Stick It!

    Den's parody of The Eagles' Take It To The Limit, for those fed up with their job! Which is most of us, let's face it!


    A song inspired, if that's the right word, by the carnage caused by recent attacks in Nice, Paris, etc. Written and recorded the same day, raw and emotional.

    Wuthering Bikes gets over 1,000 plays on YouTube!

    Den's parody of Kate Bush's famous song written especially for the Tour de France (which came through Keighley) proved popular with fans!

    Dance of the Hobgoblins on YouTube!

    This tune written years ago and performed by The Spooks is finally recorded and available to listen to on YouTube.

    The Knifesmith

    Den wrote a tune to a poem by Dorothy Howard, written in the middle of last century, about a craftsman (SPOILER ALERT!) whose work of art gets stolen to commit a notorious murder!
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